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2010-12-27 22:56:39

The multi-stage CNG pressure regulator ("reducer") takes the high pressure CNG from the cylinder tank and then reduces it to a low pressure natural gas that the car engine can handle. This is a critical and expensive component of the CNG conversion kit. 

The SENJIECNG regulator is made of the highest quality. When you reduce high pressure gas, the gas will be very cold as it lowers in pressure. Our regulators have an intake hose that pulls water/coolant from your engines cooling system (which is hot of course), and then uses it to keep things from freezing up. SENJIECNG regulators can reliably handle up to about 320 horsepower before requiring a switch to gasoline at high RPM. Over 320 HP and we suggest a our SENJIEPRO-HD kit so you will not experience a pressure drop. Be weary of other brands who tell you they only need a single regulator at this power... the system will run fine for a little while, but end up failing. Our HD kit is the only reducer on the market with these capabilities that dont ruin the system faster. 

The ECU is the computer of the CNG kit. It is constantly communicating with your vehicles computer, or OBD system. The SENJIECNG system is state-of-the-art and sealed from weather and the environmental elements.

Our injector rails are what actually sprays the CNG in specifically metered injections into your engine.

The solenoid is an electronically controlled switch to cut on and off the flow of CNG. It is integrated into the reducer for easy installation. 

The weather proof wiring harness is what connects the ECU to the fuel injection system. SENJIECNG offers "plug and play" injector harnesses for fast and simple installation. No more cutting and soldering all those wires!