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CNG Filling Station

Our refueling solution is dedicated to fuel different types of vehicles running either on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Combined LNG & LCNG Stations

LNG storage tank
Control System
LCNG container mounted system
LNG supply connection
CNG dispenser
LNG container mounted system
Cryostar, LNG LCNG filling stations
LNG dispenser
Paiement system

This type of station is able to fuel both LNG and CNG

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Typical specifications

For LNG fuelling: 
 One or two LNG dispensers with weights and measures approval 
 Super saturated (18 bars – 260 PSI), saturated (8 bars – 116 PSI) and cold (3 bars – 43.5 PSI) vehicles refueling 
 Fueling flow: 150L/min (45 GPM) 

For LCNG fuelling:
 Redundant LCNG pumps 
 2 dual hose CNG dispensers 
 Fueling flow: 800 Nm3/h (30’400 SCFH) 

LCNG Stations (Liquid to Gas) 

The Cryostar LCNG stations are able to refuel CNG vehicles with a 0.05 kW/kg specific power requirement.

LCNG stations usually require LNG storage at minimum of 2 bars/-153°C (29 PSI/-243°F) (no saturation needed). 

These stations are not that sensible to heat entries as the LNG is transformed to gas. 

Typical characteristics for a 800 Nm3/h station 

Maximum fuelling pressure: 250 bars (3625 PSI) @ 15°C (59°F)
Intermediate storage: 300 bars (4’350 PSI)
Flow regulation: with VFD for flow regulation
Average refueling time: 2 minutes for a 80L (21 GAL) tank
Number of vehicles per hour: 12 vehicles/dispenser
Fuelling flow at nozzle: 9.5 KG/min (800 Nm3/h - 30’400 SCFH)
Measurement accuracy: 99.9% (Coriolis)
Station power requirement: Approximately 30KW (0,05 KW/kg)

Our scope of supply
 LCNG High Pressure Pumps
For slow fueling: SDPD (Data sheet)
For standard fast fueling: MRP (Data sheet)
For large size stations: HPP (Data sheet)

 LCNG Line and Buffer Control Skid 
The Cryostar line control panels are designed to control following features:
Line pressure / Vaporizer outlet temperature / Buffer pressure / Buffer valve / Main station shut-off valve 

They are available in 2 different models: 
 The DGCP panel for temperature and pressure control only 
 The BUFFER SKID, for temperature, pressure, and buffer control 
Options available for the BUFFER SKID:
Odorizer inlet point and odorizing system / 3 bank buffer storage supply / Flow metering system for slow filling 

LCNG Station Control System 

The control interface allows the communication between the operator and the LCNG system. A remote access allows station monitoring from any web browser. 

LNG Stations (Liquid to Liquid) 

The Cryostar LNG stations are able to refuel LNG vehicles with a 0,005 KW/kg specific power requirement. 

LNG stations usually require LNG storage from 3 bars/-153°C (43.5 PSI/-243°F) to 18 bars/-110°C (260 PSI/-166°F).
LNG at 3 bars and -153°C (43.5 PSI and -243°F) : « cold LNG »
LNG at 8 bars and -130°C (116 PSI and -202°F) : « saturated LNG » 
LNG at 18 bars and -110°C (260 PSI and -166°F) è « super saturated LNG »

LNG stations are quite sensible to heat entries as the LNG can boil off quite rapidly 

Typical characteristics for a 800 Nm3/h station 

Fuelling temperature: -150°C/-243°F (cold) to -110°C/-166°F (super saturated)
Fuelling pressure: 3 to 18 bars (43.5 to 260 PSI)
LNG pump skid flow: 320 L/min (84.5 GPM) @ 12 bars (174 PSI) diff. pressure
Fueling flow at nozzle: 160 L/min (42 GPM)
Average refueling time: 3 minutes for 450L (118 GAL) tank
Number of vehicles per hour: 10 vehicles/dispenser
Measurement accuracy:

99,5% (W&M MID approved)

Power requirements:

Approximately 20 KW (0,005 KW/kg)

Our scope of supply
 LNG Dispenser
   High measurement accuracy (99.5%)
 Possibility to chose between cold, saturated, and super saturated fuel at dispenser
 Fueling and vent back hoses and nozzles with break away system
 Designed following Atex and PED or other standards (UL, IECEx)
 Available with weights and measures approval (MID-NTEP-NMI)
 Possibility to be connected to any kind of payment system through ISFS protocol
 Total boil-off gas recovery ensuring best commitment to environment
 Digital display for total volume, total price, and price/kg
 High safety level (grounding, safety valve collector, break-away..)

 LNG Pump Skid
   320 L/min (84.5 GPM) flow capacity per pump skid
 Instant start and stop of fueling through the submerged pump
 Integrated SUBTRAN submerged pump and its sump
 Plug and play design for easy and short on-site installation
 Possibility to feed 2 dispensers from a single pump skid
 Very low gas losses and specific boil-off gas recovery system
 Optimized flow and pressure control for shorter refueling time
 Designed following Atex and PED or other standards (UL, IECEx)
 Available with bulk saturation and collapse function
 Delivered with insulated lines to avoid boil-off

 LNG Station Control System

The control system controls the whole station and integrates our latest know-how. The touch-screen interface allows the control of all station parameters. 

Extended scope 

Moveable stations
The Cryostar moveable stations are the best choice for temporary fuel supply or trial purposes. All equipment is delivered and installed in a 20” or 40” ISO container frame. The storage tank can be placed on the side or the top of the container. 

LNG Container Station 
LNG container mounted systems are delivered complete ready to be used

LCNG Container Station
LCNG container mounted systems are a complete replacement of a CNG station compressor.